The Taconic Sculpture Park

The Park is far removed from the highway it overlooks. It appears as an apparition; a stand of glittering marble and limestone forms in a pasture surrounded by forest.
Seated Woman

Various Park Figures This is a wonderful place to look at art and marvel about the human capacity to create. You can't help but be amazed at the accomplishments of this prolific artist.

The head in the background is about 20' tall. It is the head of Greek Goddess, Gaea, or Mother Earth. Many of the figures relate in some way to figures from Greek and Roman mythology. Roy has a fascination for antiquity but his artistic interpretation of these figures is always uniquely his own. Four Park Figures

Woman and Aegean Sea
Is that the Aegean behind these figures or the clear blue sky? It is easy to lose your place in time on these grounds.

The Park is a quiet place; a place to think thoughts you don't often entertain. Here, surrounded by the creations of one human being; looking at his images and perceptions, you can't help but wonder about another person's life, your own, and the forces that bind us and pull us apart. The Egg in Park

Group Visits to Park The Kanwit's sometimes host group tours but you will need to make arrangements first.

The park is otherwise open seasonally on weekends from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you are making a special trip, call (518-392-5757) or email to be certain.

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