Steel and Cement Sculpture

Roy generally begins with a wax model of the intended sculpture. It is visible on the table to the right.

He poured a concrete slab for a foundation and has formed the base (neck) and begun the scaffolding that he will need as he works up.

Method - Step 1

Method - Step 2

Here you can see that the sides (cheeks) and arch (high point of skull) are tied together in concrete and cement and temporarily tied to the scafolding.

A good deal of the reinforcing rod that will frame the head is already in place.

The face really begins to take form as the wire mesh is shaped over the reinforcing rod.
Method - Step 3

Method - Step 4

Successive coats of plaster are applied over the mesh until the desired form is achieved.

The final coat can be sanded to give a very polished finished.

The 3 ton figure is really taking form.

The title of this work is Gaea, the Greek Mother Earth. She is easily visible to Northbound trafic on the Taconic State Parkway.

The final work remains hollow and can be entered through a door in the side of the head.

Method - Step 5

Method - Step 6

It appears that 4 seasons have passed since this project started. There is nothing quick about Roy's method of creating sculpture but it is certainly built to last.

Sanding and plastering, and plastering and sanding. There is still a good bit more for the sculptor to do.
Method - Step 7

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