Roy Kanwit and His Work

It seems so rare to meet a man, or woman, who expresses their thoughts as they are; without caution or motive.

Roy Kanwit is one of those people. He has gone his own way and the motivation for his art comes from within. It has not been stifled or discouraged by approval or reprimand, or wealth or poverty, or companionship or loneliness.
Roy at work

The Circle of Pain For almost 30 years Roy has made it his endeavor to bring to form the images that flood his mind. They are sometimes disquieting and fearful; more often they are harmonious and peaceful. Pregnant Women

Roy's hands reflect clearly in marble, and steel and cement what he sees in his mind's eye. His life's work is simply to express the wonder and awe and fear and joy and love and fascination experienced in living life and confronting death.

What follows are thumbnails of a small sample of Roy's work. Click on the images to see a larger photo and description of any piece. Many of these pieces are visible by taking a walk through the park. Others are sold or in the studio and only available for viewing by appointment or when the studio is open to guests.

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