American Folk Art

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There is a long tradition of folk art related to agriculture and livestock.  Perhaps because of my love of Hicks’ paintings, I pride in creating animal portraits based on period prints and photographs.  This craft can certainly be extended to pets, as the tortoise portrait below demonstrates!


Just over a year ago I met Buck, the resident ox at Hancock Shaker village.  He was so monumental standing there in front of the world famous round barn, that I has to immortalize him on canvas.  Although the work is in the tradition of mid-nineteenth century livestock portrait, I chose to present him and his handler as they stood there in Fall 2007, a proud mix of past and present.

16” x 20” oil on canvas  $675

Champion Livestock Slates

Painting on school slates was a popular folk craft in the middle and late 1880s, a tradition revived here by the Limner.  For subjects I have chosen champion livestock as suggested by antique engravings in the 1865 Report of the U.S. Commissioner of Agriculture. Each is painted in oils and features a lettered and grained frame.                 (While these are sold, others are available)   $95 each

And, just for fun...